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With 20% of the world's electrical consumption attributed to lighting and acknowledging the need to embrace cleaner energy technologies; the investment in creating energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions is now of paramount importance.

As market leader, Pierlite Australia is committed to the innovation of energy efficient and sustainable lighting products and services; proudly providing lighting designers, installers and consumers an economical and sustainable choice in minimizing our global carbon footprint.

In support of this commitment and as an active member of Lighting Council Australia, Pierlite Australia is proud to be a foundation signatory member of the Australian Government's FluoroCycle scheme sponsored by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council, which maintains a key initiative of increasing the recycling of lamps containing mercury in Australia. Through this membership it brings to the forefront of our operations the fundamental importance of recycling materials and minimizing waste.

In line with our ISO9001 Quality Management system, Pierlite Australia's core product and services improvement and development programs focus on the fundamentals of minimizing material waste through the precise selection of energy efficient optical sources such as LED, INDUCTION, LINEAR T5 and PLASMA technologies. Coupled with innovative design features and component choices that maximize maintenance frequencies, these design selections encompass best in class system controls such as DALI, ELECTRONIC GEAR, SMART DIMMING and SENSOR controls; thus maximizing the overall system performance whilst maintaining optical excellence AND most importantly, minimizing our carbon footprint.

The process and challenges evolve daily, however our focus and environmental commitment remains unchanged; so please join Pierlite Australia in the creation of "professional (and sustainable) lighting solutions".


Ben Mills

Executive General Manager - Pierlite Australia